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The Gonzales project aims to parse JavaScript as fast as possible
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¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

The Gonzales project. About parsing JS as fast as possible. Anything is allowed as long as your parser does all the work and does it in JS.

Check the bin/details.html page for, well... details :)

To run the project in node simply run bin/cli.js from the project root. Adjust data/parsers.js and data/sources.js and toggle defaultOn for the entries you want enabled/disabled. cli.js does not take any parameters.

To add your own parser, add an entry to /data/parsers.js (you can copy-paste and modify an existing entry) and add the necessary files to /data/parser/<yourparsername>/. Gonzales will create a fresh exports object when loading each parser. In the parsers.js entry you can setup the getParser function to do the parser. This function will is called with that exports object, and window and expects a function back which it can call with one parameter (the input source) and which will start parsing. The result is not important (you should probably make it throw if it wasn't able to parse the input though). Return value for the parse function is not used. Please make sure it works before making a PR :)

Most existing parsers have been updated in August 2013. Of the projects that are still alive, I only couldn't update MentalJs because it's just a big mess at this point.

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