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Transforms ES6 generator / yield syntax to ES5 compatible JavaScript source
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A source code transformation tool to transform so called "generator functions", those are the ones using yield, to something that works in ES5.

Usage: Include unyield.js and the three files from lib in a project. Call unyield(input); and it returns you the transformed output.

Mainly a toy project. Probably won't be maintained, mainly a proof of concept "this is how I would do it" etc.

Little effort went into making it look nice. There's some low hanging fruit but output aesthetics were not a goal parameter for this project.

Complete clean-room implementation. I had not looked at Regenerator or how Traceur did this before finishing. It's also based on ZeParser2, which makes the approach inherently different anyways :)

Known limitations:

  • finally: screw implementing that. It can be done, not worth my time.
  • catch var after yield in catch scope: Yeah like, don't, it won't work :)
  • eval: I didn't even bother with the eval families
  • ASI related issues can pop up. Did not thoroughly test all ASI cases for this project.
  • Multiple yields in the same expression won't work. It was too much fiddling to get something like a(yield)(yield) or x = yield + yield to work. Note that multiple yields in a block or sub-statement should work fine.
  • .throw(), though this API call can easily be added, good exercise for the reader ;)

You can find a live typing demo at and the test suite at

I wrote a blog post before working on this project. Post mortem blog post coming to a browser near you soon.

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