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Common Lisp doesn’t specify package-local nicknames. This can lead to very long package names in order to ensure uniqueness. This isn’t usually a problem since packages can be ‘used’. But ‘using’ packages can sometimes become problematic, especially if the number of exported symbols in the used packages is very large.

The function PACKAGE-ALIAS:ALIAS provides a straightforward facility for renaming packages temporarily as if they were local to a system or package. Any nicknames except the standard package names can be chosen, as package name conflicts are handled by a ‘shadowing’ mechanism.

Example usage:

In packages.lisp:

(defpackage :my-package
  (:use :cl)
  (:export #:my-function))


(pkg:alias '((:util :com.really.long.package.util)

In code.lisp:

(defun my-function (x)
  (let ((q (util:prepare-for-xuul x)))
    (foo:handle-xuul (bar:make-xuul q))))


;; Be nice to others, reset nicknames

Note that it is a good idea to reset the nicknames after the system has been compiled or loaded. This can be achieved by calling PACKAGE-ALIAS:ALIAS with no arguments in the last file of the system (although any call to ALIAS will reset the nicknames).