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Biocaml Release Notes
biocaml-0.4.0 2016-02-17
* library refactoring in unix, lwt, async and ez variants
* New parser for BAM format (blocking implementation)
* Added a parser for BGZF format
* Improved API of Phred_score
* Replaced some transform-based parsers with modules functorized over
Future (including Fastq, Lines, Sam)
biocaml-0.3.1 2013-09-27
* Fix documentation build.
biocaml-0.3.0 2013-09-20
* Switch build system to OMake.
* Delete or replace separate command line apps with unified `biocaml`
* App now has several new tools: alignments, bed, demux, info, random,
and transform.
* Improve generated html for API documentation.
* New Psl and Vcf modules.
* Rename module ChrName to Chr.
* Move Stream to separate package CFStream.
* Numerous API changes.
biocaml-0.2.0 2013-02-28
* Switch to Core from Batteries.
* New Transform module supporting buffered mappings from values of
type 'a to 'b. Numerous changes to other modules to use Transform,
but many modules that should use it still do not.
* Replace previous internal library Biocaml_std with new
* Begin new biocaml command line app. Meant to replace previous
individual apps and designed to be extensible for many more
* New Bam modules for parsing BAM files.
* New Zip module for working with zipped files.
* New Entrez module for interacting with Entrez API. Currently limited
in its feature set.
* New Line and Lines modules for working with line-oriented data
* New Jaspar module.
* New ISet module, taken from Batteries. Meant to replace RSet.
* New Stream module, an extension of the StdLib's Stream in Core
style. Also define Streamable interface and implement for all types
* Remove modules Comments, Common, InvokeCmdline, Util.
* Remove Table module and create new one with entirely different API.
* Improve documentation system. Custom front page and ocamldoc plugin
to allow inclusion of images.
* Add sexp serialization support to many types.
* Add unit tests.
* Remove sqlite3 dependency.
biocaml-0.1.0 2012-08-10
* First formal release.