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## Oasis plus its dependencies
oasis tarball= deps=unix,pcre,odn(>=0.0.3),ocamlyacc,ocamlmod,ocamllex,ocamlify,ocamlgraph,ocamlbuild,make,fileutils(>=0.4.2),batteries is_library=true is_program=true
##fake deps, part of ocaml
ocamlyacc is_program=true
unix is_library=true
ocamllex is_program=true
ocamlbuild is_program=true
make is_program=true
camlp4 is_program=true
camlp4o is_program=true
##real deps
ocamlmod tarball= deps=pcre,ocamlbuild,fileutils is_library=false is_program=true
pcre tarball=
odn tarball= deps=type-conv(>=3.0.4),ocamlbuild,camlp4 is_library=true is_program=false
type-conv tarball= deps=ocamlbuild,camlp4o,camlp4 is_library=true is_program=false
fileutils tarball= deps=unix,str,ocamlbuild,oUnit is_library=true is_program=false
ocamlify tarball= deps= is_library=false is_program=true
ocamlgraph tarball= deps=make is_library=true is_program=false
batteries tarball= deps=make is_library=true is_program=false
oUnit tarball= deps=unix,ocamlbuild,camlp4 is_library=true is_program=false
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