Command-line tool for accessing Rdio's API
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README - a command-line interface to the Rdio API

When you check this out of git the first thing you need to do is
  git submodule update --init
to bring in the rdio-python and python-oauth2 dependencies.

State and configuration information is stored in ~/.rdio-tool.json

Before using the tool you must obtain a consumer key and secret from the 
Rdio developer site. They must be passed into the first time 
you use it with the: --consumer-key=KEY --consumer-secret=SECRET
arguments. They'll be stored in ~/.rdio-tool.json for subsequent calls.

To authenticate pass the --authenticate option. It'll pop open your browser
to complete the OAuth process. The credentials will be stored in 
~/.rdio-tool.json but those credentials can be cleared with --forget-auth

The first non-option parameter is the method name. Subsequent parameters
are the method arguments in the form name=value.