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Twitter Privacy

This app erases your tweets older than a couple of months. You can run it manually or as a cron job in a computer you own.


You will need Twitter API keys for your user, you can obtain them at Twitter Apps.

Copy application.conf.example to application.conf and add your keys there.

Then run bin/ to erase old tweets.


Unfortunately nowadays public views are not just views, they can (and are) used as ammunition against people.

Your posts on social media, wrong as they may have been, can be leveraged in very damaging ways without consideration of any change of mind you may have had since then. Current political environment exacerbates this, due to the 'friends vs foes' system that we are in, which means some people try to attack and hurt the opposition by any means available.

There's been cases in which people's jobs have been threatened due to political views, using social media posts as evidence. Without entering into specifics of each case, this shows your own social media contributions are a huge risk, more so if you are self-employed or active in social media.

Given Twitter, in this specific case, is a useful platform to retrieve information and interact with people, the only way you can be kept safe from unintended consequences is to erase your own history. This kind of happens naturally with time, it seems Twitter makes is almost impossible to search anything but your most recent 3500 tweets (aprox). But this may still be enough risk for some individuals. So, deletion.

I've been told this amounts to self-censorship and it is not a positive move. That is completely true, this shouldn't be necessary. But current developments show this is, currently, an utopia.

Contribution policy

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This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Tool to remove old tweets



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