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My react native Layout library

I made this to help me with some repeating problems and annoyances I had/have while writing react native apps.


Flex is nice to use because I don't need to type style={{ flex: 1 }} all the time. Also it's very easy to try with and without flex, by changing from <Flex> to <Flex noflex> and back.

Spaced is my second most used layout. It allows me to have a bunch of views with specific space between them and around them. Sometimes with flex it's hard to have a specific size, or you need to add empty views on the edges in order to have one size of space around and between, so I put all than in there. It has inner, which is the space between items, outer, for the space around the edge items, and size, which is the inner and outer together.

Split started as an easy way to had a view with two subviews, that automatically get 50% of the available space each. I want to add functionality like space={ [30, 70] } and that would make the first view 30% and the second one 70% etc.

Empty is not often useful, but sometimes it's needed, and now it's here.

Screen is what I use for every new screen in my apps. It is basically a Flex with optional shadow, and some base style.

Separator is pretty self-explanatory, it's just an easy way to add a separator between views.

Shadow is also simple, it adds a small shadow on the top of the view, usually used for adding shadow below the navbar.

To do

add a package.json make it into an npm package add examples of code and screenshots