A little PHP library for generating form elements in the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit.
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What it does

This is a quick helper library I started building for myself to use for PHP prototyping.

It generates form elements for Bootstrap, from Twitter because I use them a lot for prototyping, but find they end up kind of messy and a pain in the ass to keep clean. There are plenty more to make and different features to add to them, but probably only as I need them.

Currently Supports

  • Forms with labels on the left
  • text inputs, textareas, selects, (almost)multiselects, checkbox lists
  • Prepended text on inputs
  • Generates errors classes found with with definable $error_callback.
  • $error_callback defaults to CodeIgniter form_error() method


// Load the library however you need, this is an example from use in CodeIgniter.
<?= $this->bootstrapped->input("Sale Price", "sale_price", set_value('sale_price'), array('prepend'=>'$')); ?>

Credit obviously goes to Bootstrap, from Twitter for the HTML generated by these methods.