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Change the CHANGELOG; now we'll only change it as we cut a release.

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swift (x.x.x)
- * Renamed swift-stats-populate to swift-dispersion-populate and
- swift-stats-report to swift-dispersion-report with extraneous unused
- options removed. The new tools use dispersion.conf instead of stats.conf.
+ The next Swift version is in development. A full change log will be
+ available on release. Until then, you can use the following bzr command to
+ see the commit history:
- * Transaction id for each request is returned in a response header
- (X-Trans-ID). Setting the transaction id has moved from the proxy server to
- the catch_errors middleware. Additionally, the internal header has changed
- from X-CF-Trans-ID to X-Trans-ID.
- * Fixed Python 2.7 httplib compatibility problem.
+ bzr log --log-format short --forward -rtag:1.3.0..

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