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bake is a mighty template engine for static text files. It is something like Tom Preston-Werner's jekyll, but is independent of file types and markup languages.

bake enables JavaScript templates for any type of text files. These templates may contain embedded JavaScript as a template language.


A template (default.tpl) may look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="<%= lang %>">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title><%= title %> | <%= siteTitle %></title>
    <h1><%= title %></h1>

<%= __content %>

<% if (has('foo')) { %>
    <p>Foo is defined.</p>
<% } %>


And a corresponding content file (post.txt) could look like this:

title: A sample file
lang: en

<p>Sample text.</p>

With a minimal configuration object

    "fileExtensions": {
        "txt": "html" // look for html files and save as html file
    "properties": {
        "siteTitle": "My Site" // Global website title

the output (post.html) would be:

<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>A sample file | My Site</title>
    <h1>A sample file</h1>

<p>Sample text.</p>


bake not only enables building websites (although that's its main purpose) but lets you choose. You can write hooks for each property to control the output.

Visit the Wiki for more information or look at the example.

What this is not

bake is not a webserver. It doesn't replace your Apache/Nginx etc. So if you want to write a website that is accessible by the public, you have to change the settings of your webserver to use bakeDir as the root directory.

bake is no blogging engine (although it's possible to create one with the help of bake). It doesn't provide generating an index or a feed. It doesn't have any commenting functionality either. If you are looking for a system with these features, try bread which is based on bake.

Bugs and Issues

If you encounter any bugs or issues, feel free to open an issue at github.


This package is licensed under the MIT license.


This work was inspired by heimweh by Benjamin Birkenhake and txtracer by Konstantin Weiss, but also by wheat by Tim Caswell and jekyll by Tom Preston-Werner.

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