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diveSync is a tiny module for node that is able to recursively walk („dive“) a directory tree. diveSync is the synchronous version of dive.


var diveSync = require("diveSync");

diveSync(process.cwd(), function(err, file) {
  if (err) throw err;


This will list all files in your current working directory. The function call blocks until all files are handled.

You may also apply options to the function call.

dive(dir[, opt], action);

The default options are

  recursive: true,    // - If set to false, this will ignore subdirectories.
  all: false,         // - If set to true, this will show "dot files" and
                      //   files in "dot directories", e.g. ".gitinore" or
                      //   ".git/HEAD".
  directories: false  // - If set to true, this will show directories, too.
  filter: function filter(path, dir) { return true; }
                      // - Function that returns true for all paths that should
                      //   not be ignored.

filter takes two arguments (path, dir). path defines the path to file in the file system. dir is true, if path is a directory, otherwise false.

You can use this to filter out specific files or directories by their pathname.

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