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Asynchronously reads an array of files and returns their contents
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read-files extends fs by the static method readFiles.

fs.readFiles(filenames[, encoding, batchCount], callback)

Asynchronously reads the entire contents of the files specified in filenames.

filenames is an array of filenames.

encoding is a string specifying the files' encodings. The default is "utf8".

batchCount is a number specifying the number of files to process at a time before moving to the next batch (default 100).

callback is a callback function that is passed two arguments (err, data) where data is an object of the form:

    filename1: file1contents,
    filename2: file2contents,


var fs = require("fs");

fs.readFiles([ "file1", "file2" ], "utf8", function(err, data) {
    if (err) throw err;

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