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A prompt that asks for yaml input.


npm install yamlprompt or npm install -g yamlprompt



var yamlprompt = require('yamlprompt');
// Create readline interface
var rl = require('readline').createInterface(process.stdin, process.stdout);
rl.setPrompt('> ', 2);

yamlprompt(rl, function (err, obj) {
  if (err)
    throw err;

  // print the parsed yaml document

This will give you a prompt, where you can type in yaml and it will print the corresponding JS object. Stop parsing input by typing ....

$ node test.js
> key: value,
> array: [ some, values, in, an, array ]
> array2:
>   - 1
>   - 2
> indentation: |
>   indented
> ...
{ key: 'value',
  array: [ 'some', 'values', 'in', 'an', 'array' ],
  array2: [ 1, 2 ],
  indentation: 'indented' }

There is also a binary that can be used from the command line. It converts the YAML input to JSON.

$ yamlprompt
> key: value
> ...
  "key": "value"

You can redirect it's output to a file.

$ yamlprompt > output.json
> key: value
> ...

You can also pass one file to the prompt to let it act like a conversion tool.

$ yamlprompt test.yml > output.json

Bugs and Issues

If you encounter any bugs or issues, feel free to open an issue at github.


The MIT license.

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