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PvPGN Magic Builder

PvPGN Magic Builder gives you an easy way to build your own PvPGN binaries from the latest source code for Windows.

Let's see how it works in one-minute video:

Use Magic Builder to build Visual Studio solution:

PvPGN Builder D2GS Builder


  • Builds PvPGN with one of the databases support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 or ODBC. Feature to enable Lua scripting. Feature to choose Git branch to download source code from. Feature to build x86 and x64 binaries.
  • Builds any version of D2GS, feature to download all DLL and MPQ that are necessary to start your server
  • Doesn’t require additional files - all built in
  • Has a multilanguage command line interface: Russian, English, Dutch, German, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian (please, translate this file if you know others)
  • (optional) Auto updates
  • (optional) Auto downloads actual PvPGN source code from the GIT
  • Auto configurates and compilates PvPGN source code
  • Auto create release\ directory with a PvPGN binaries and support files that are ready to use immediately
  • Auto create Visual Studio projects and pvpgn.sln, with it you can immediately start a development (use build_pvpgn_dev.bat)


  • Visual C++ 2015 (Community is supported)
  • Visual C++ 2017 (Community is supported)
  • Visual C++ 2019 (Community is supported)

"Community" is the light edition of Visual Studio. It's free to download.

Note: Visual Studio doesn't install C++ by default. If you already have it installed then you have to rerun the setup and check Desktop development with C++.

Visual Studio 2017 C++ Installation


Go to Release section and download the latest release.

Github Downloads


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