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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Dec 18, 2020

  • add libcurl which is required for develop branch
  • fix generate Visual Studio solution + use relative paths in project files;
    now debugging is working as expected, pvpgn can be running immediately after open pvpgn.sln in Debug, Release or RelWithDebInfo configuration
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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Jun 5, 2020

  • fix prepare projects for Visual Studio solution by build_pvpgn_dev.bat
  • build RelWithDebInfo configuration instead of Release by default
    RelWithDebInfo binaries are optimized as if they were built as Release but they also contain debug information and generate .pdb files like Debug does
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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Jun 4, 2020

  • Add a feature to build PvPGN x64 binaries
  • Update databases libs including latest x64
  • Fix locate Visual C++, show error message even if Visual Studio is installed but Visual C++ is not
  • Patched Pandemonium Portal for D2GS 1.13d #25
  • Delete non-exist tinycdb and test projects from pvpgn_build_dev.bat
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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Feb 2, 2020

  • Add Visual Studio 2019 support
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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Nov 18, 2018

  • Update forbidden link to md5sum.exe
  • Fix filelist.txt, it's generated automatically now
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@HarpyWar HarpyWar released this Mar 2, 2018

Starting from v2.x Magic Builder supports only PvPGN-PRO.

Major changes from v1.66

  • full support for PvPGN-PRO (with Lua)
  • Windows XP is unsupported due to VC++ 2015
  • rapid download for PvPGN source code from Git
  • latest versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, zlib, cmake
  • fix Visual Studio selection and minimal requirements starting from Visual Studio 2015
  • fix database version selection
  • add restriction for invalid program path
  • new rebuild flag cmake_only that allows stop program after cmake configuration (it used in AppVeyor for the PvPGN repository)
  • extract translation files into different files, each with native encoding
  • add Spanish, Ukrainian translations
  • add D2GS 1.13c multithreaded version from (don't use it if you don't know how)
  • add D2GS 1.12a / 1.13d
  • add feature to build Debug version with _.pdb symbol files using a file "rebuild_pvpgn__debug.bat"; it's necessary to auto-generate a dump when crash pvpgn
  • add script build_pvpgn_dev.bat that generates ready to use PvPGN Visual Studio projects
  • produce statically linked executables (no need MSVC*.dll anymore?)
  • exclude all third-party programs from the repository and download it on demand (cmake, wget, etc.)
  • feature to select Git branch to download source code from
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