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Releases: pvpoke/pvpoke

Expanded CSV filenames

26 Jul 19:21
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  • Updated file names for CSV export in Multi-Battle to include moveset and shield information

Piggybacking disabled, variable Charged Move power in Sandbox Mode

25 Jul 15:31
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  • Disabled piggybacking, where Fast Moves could be negated between consecutive Charged Moves
  • Added a dropdown to select Charged Move power in Sandbox Mode
  • Adjusted Charged Move spacing on the timeline to reflect new minigame duration (from 8 seconds to 10 seconds)

Multi-Battle fix, minimum Pokemon HP

09 Jul 15:31
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  • Fixed an issue where going between custom and regular Multi-Battle would display the wrong Pokemon names in the results
  • Pokemon now have a minimum HP of 10

Also looking back I now see how wacky the version tags are. I'll try and make these consistent in the future!

Guaranteed breakpoints & bulkpoints, move search bug fix

09 Jul 14:45
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  • Breakpoint and bulkpoint calculations now also check against max Defense and max Attack, respectively, and show which Attack or Defense values will guarantee a certain breakpoint or bulkpoint against that opponent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused headers to disappear when searching on the Moves page

Updated default IVs, IV combo generation, and breakpoint and bulkpoint tables

03 Jul 15:08
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  • Pokemon now have pregenerated IV sets listed in the gamemaster file. These are near rank 500 to represent typical Pokemon that might appear in competitive tournaments.
  • Adjusted the IV generator functions to accept sort parameters and filters
  • Added functions to calculate and display breakpoints and bulkpoints
  • Added a Settings page where preferences can be set via cookie

Fast Move Registration Overhaul

02 Jul 15:52
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  • Updated battle simulator to be more accurate with in-game mechanics and scenarios. Actions are now placed in a queue and processed on a later turn when they meet specific conditions.
  • Added Tap icons in Sandbox Mode to distinguish when moves are used and when they register
  • Fixed issues in Sandbox Mode related to the "Continue Battling" and "Pull From Timeline" features
  • Added an "Update" button in Sandbox Mode to force a simulation to rerun
  • Pokemon now use the "maximum stat product" IV combination by default
  • Tweaked overall ranking formula to favor slightly more balance

Season 1 Championships support

04 Jun 06:01
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  • Added support for Season 1 Championships
  • Added a toggle on the rankings page to show or hide restricted Pokemon

QOL Interface and Sandbox Updates

21 May 18:26
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  • Shield dropdown has been moved out of the options section
  • Added a "Pull from timeline" button for starting HP and Energy that will use the Pokemon's HP and Energy from the currently selected point in the battle timeline
  • Ranking entries now link to a Multi-Battle so you can see all matchups for that Pokemon
  • Multi-Battle CSV export now includes HP and Energy remaining for each matchup
  • Added an "Update" button so you can manually refresh the sandbox results after changing settings or IV's
  • Fast Move icons now appear with a thicker border where a Pokemon has both Charged Moves ready. This should make it easier to lay out shield baiting and other scenarios.

Battle refactoring, Charged Move priority, Fast Move negating

14 May 01:50
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  • Refactored Battle functions to receive both actions, and then process them. This means neither Pokemon has to make decisions after the other has acted, and actions can be removed or modified before execution.
  • Actions are sorted by priority before execution. Added an option to assign priority.
  • Updated sim to match in-game mechanics where Fast Moves that occur between back to back Charged Moves are typically lost or negated. This is a setting that can be toggled.

Pokemon swapping, custom movesets, fixes

11 May 15:14
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I'm a bit behind on posting releases here, so here are some bullet points for v1.7.4, v1.7.5, and v1.7.6. Pardon the dust!


  • Updated Multi-Battle CSV download to work in Microsoft Edge
  • Added number labels to the shield matchup table
  • Fixed an issue where the shield matchup table would sometimes show incorrect results in fringe matchups involving stat boosts


  • You can now add custom moves to a Pokemon's move pool, with fully shareable battle links.
  • Fixed a bug where switching between Single Battle and Multi Battle would cause Pokemon's movesets to change.


  • Added ability to swap the left and right selected Pokemon
  • Clearing a selected Pokemon now brings up a confirmation window
  • Preliminary lists are available in custom Multi-Battle for Nightmare Cup meta and Season 1 Regionals meta
  • Minor styling fixes