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A module to provide forms for Voyager πŸ“‘
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Voyager Forms

The Missing Form Module for The Missing Laravel Admin.

This Laravel package adds dynamic form creation and shortcode insertion to a Voyager project.

  • Create & manage forms and their fields (add fields, drag/drop into order etc)
  • Output forms on the frontend with an simple shortcode ({!! forms(<FORM_ID>) !!})
  • Each form's output on the frontend are overridable with custom layouts
  • All submissions are emailed inside overridable HTML email templates
  • All submissions are backed up to the database and accessible under Voyager Admins > Forms > Enquiries

Built by Pivotal Agency.



# 1. Require this Package in your fresh Laravel/Voyager project
composer require pvtl/voyager-forms

# 2. Run the Installer
composer dump-autoload && php artisan voyager-forms:install

# 3. Configure to/from addresses
        -> Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> 'Forms' tab
        -> Adjust values
        -> Note: If you leave `Default Enquiry To Email` blank and set no email in the form setting, email will not be sent
# 4. Configure "MAIL" environment variables

# 5. (optional) Add Google invisible reCAPTCHA
        -> Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> 'Admin' tab
        -> Insert Google reCATPCHA keys 

Displaying Forms

You can easily display your created forms on the front-end in any kind of output - we use shortcodes to render our forms so go ahead and add {!! forms(1) !!} to a page/post to see the default Contact form appear.

Form Hooks

You may also wish to include custom logic and functionality when your form has been submitted (but before the submission has saved to the DB - eg. so that you can execute custom validation). This can be done with a Form Hook Block - simply specify your controllers namespace'd path and the method you wish to call and the Voyager Forms module will automatically execute it upon submission. For example:

Pvtl\AwesomeModule\Somewhere\ClassName::anExampleHey('hello world')

Note that in the above example, the first param of the actual method will be the submission data and the second param will be 'hello world'

Custom Form Output

This module outputs forms on the frontend in a basic structure. However you have the ability to build your own form layouts very easily.

A completely custom layout:

  • Create a new blade template in views/vendor/voyager-forms/layouts
  • Edit the form in Voyager Admin and select the new layout you created

To get a completely custom output, you'll likely need to define the <form> html including each form field individually.

Override fields

You also have the ability to override views/vendor/voyager-forms/forms/render.blade.php to change the way form fields are styled.

Custom Email Templates

This module sends a generic looking email with each submission. However you have the ability to build your own email templates very easily.

  • Create a new blade template in views/vendor/voyager-forms/email-templates (you can also simply override default.blade.php in the same location)
  • Edit the form in Voyager Admin and select the appropriate email template
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