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AppMan Manifest for TEAM ROM

This will also function as a template for all future ROM's

Any one who wants to include AppMan in there ROM please contact me and i will show you waht to do
i can be found here -

AppMan main thread is here - http://nowhere.yet

Anyone who wishes to help translate the app feel free to grab the Translatable-Strings.xml file and work your magic i will add credits to the about section for all translations as per normal.


Rom XML Format
			    **rom name also the detected name 
	    		**MUST BE IN BUILD PROP display ID can 
	    		**have more info there but this string 
	    		**must be part of it. eg,
	    			**Build id "T.E.A.M. v5 22/11/11"
	    			**rom name "T.E.A.M."
	    		**notice that the rom name is IN the build id :)
				**phone model type
			<dev>pvyParts and iridaki</dev>
				**dev credits
				**github user name for manifest
				**app addons boolean
				**optional tweaks boolean
				**rom optional mods boolean
				**rom update zips boolean
				**themes boolean
				**supports kernels boolean
All Item Format
			<name>Stock Timescape</name>
				**Name of addon / app
				**Date of addition / update / change
				**Date format
				**"-" delimiter!!!! IMPORTANT TO USE THIS
				**link to the apps homepage /a forum post / what ever
				**Version of the mod / update / app ect ect
			<description>blah blah blah some app that does blah blah</description>
				**yeah that dont need explination
				<file filename="app1.apk" location="system/app/" perms="0644" 
					md5="12345678910111213141516171819202" />
				<file filename="app2.apk" location="system/app/" perms="0644" 
					md5="12345678910111213141516171819202" />

					**List of files
					**Mulptiple files possible
					**each file has these params
						**filename= the name of the file eg "AppMan.apk" 
						Case Sensitive must incluude extension if it has one.
						**location= the install location of the file 
						eg "system/app/" thats self explanitory
						**perms= the perms that the file needs eg "0644" 
						(most system apps ect)
						**appurl= the location of the file for it to be 
						downloaded from. must be a direct link file service. 
						eg ""
						**md5= the md5 hash of the file for download checks 
						if no md5 suplied the app wont install