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glancing at iCal data using OCaml
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Glical: glancing at iCal data using OCaml


Glical is a rather small library for OCaml [1] programmers to manipulate iCal data. Since iCalendar [2] is gigantic and very hard if not virtually impossible to address fully, we here call iCal a subset of iCalendar. And since even iCal is too big to really be addressed, we state that we provide a library that allows to glance at iCal data.

By "glancing iCal data" we mean "processing iCal data" with as little knowledge of the iCal(endar) format as possible. This library has been developed with the idea that very few properties of the iCal format are sufficient for most people to transform some iCal data or extract the information that they want from it.

The core of this library is implemented in pure OCaml, with no other package dependencies nor external dependencies. This library requires some features introduced in OCaml 4.01.0 [3], so it will not compile with previous versions of the OCaml compiler.

An extension of this library is also provided. It may depend on other packages, depending on how it evolves.

A command-line tool is being designed and developed, based on the previously mentioned library extension.

[1]: The OCaml community web site:

[2]: F. Dawson and D. Stenerson, RFC2445: Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar), 1998,

[3]: OCaml 4.01,

Please see for instructions.


The development of this library is at the early stage. Do feel free to try it and give feedbacks.

An opam package (named glical) is on its way (the first PR has been submitted) for the library part.

The command-line tool will be distributed at some point in another package (possibly glical-tool).


Please feel free to fork this library. Pull requests are welcome.


Please do feel free to report any bug or any issue on Github's issues tracker:


This library is freely distributed under the ISC licence, which is a BSD-like licence.


Philippe Wang

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