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Web of APKs (woa)

Build Status

Take your Android packages (APKs) apart and build a Web of their semantic model using Neo4j graph database.

The ultimate truth lies in the source



The shell script woa and woa-with-jmx are self-bootstrapping; they require bash and assume a Linux/Unix shell environment.

woa.jar (produced by the build process) and android.jar are Java jars, and hence are cross-platform. But they are launched through the java command-line launcher.


On bash with wget and java installed (if you have the file $HOME/bin/woa-with-jmx, remove it first):

( TARGET="$HOME/bin/";
  mkdir -p ${TARGET};
  wget -nc -nd -P ${TARGET} \ \
  && \
  chmod +x \
    ${TARGET}/woa-with-jmx \
  && \
  ${TARGET}/woa-with-jmx -h )

It is recommended that $HOME/bin/ being added to your PATH environment variable for easy use of woa and woa-with-jmx wrapper scripts.

Alternatively, download the "ingredients" explicitly with wget (existing files will not be overwritten due to wget's -nc; remove the existing files if you want to get the latest version):

( TARGET="$HOME/bin/";
  mkdir -p ${TARGET};
  wget -nc -nd -P ${TARGET} \ \ \ \ \
  && \
  chmod +x \
    ${TARGET}/woa \
    ${TARGET}/woa-with-jmx \
  && \
  ${TARGET}/woa-with-jmx -h )

Quick Test

Suppose Neo4j server listens on TCP port 7475.

find 01sample -type f | \
        woa --prep-tags '[[["Dataset"] {"id" "dst-my" "name" "My Dataset"}]]' | \
        JVM_OPTS='-Xmx4g -Xms4g -XX:NewSize=3g' \
        woa-with-jmx 2014 -dsntvv --neo4j-port 7475 --nrepl-port 12321 --interactive

This will process all *.apk (recursively) under the 01sample directory.

  • Start the JVM with the options -Xmx4g -Xms4g -XX:NewSize=3g.
    • Allocate enough memory for JVM heap with eager commit, e.g., -Xmx4g -Xms4g.
    • Give most memory to the young generation with just enough left for the old generation, e.g., -XX:NewSize=3g.
  • First decompile and dump its AndroidManifest.xml (-d).
  • Build its graphical model using Soot (-s).
  • Send the graphical model to Neo4j at port 7475 (--neo4j-port 7475).
  • Tag the model in Neo4j (-t).
  • Be doubly verbose (-vv).
  • Start Clojure nREPL at port 12321: --nrepl-port 12321.
  • Enter interactive mode (--interactive): The program will not shutdown after the above processing is done. This allow you to interact with it continously with nREPL.


Get help.

woa -h
  • Inputs come from standard input (stdin). Each line corresponds to one input APK sample, and is in Clojure edn format. Say you have an APK file in the path 01sample/test.apk, and you want to attach tags with types (types must be valid Neo4j Cypher identifier names) "Dataset" and "Source" with names "My Dataset" and "Internet" respectively, the input line should be: {:file-path "01sample/test.apk" :tags [[["Dataset"] {"id" "dst-my" "name" "My Dataset"}] [["Source"] {"id" "src-inet" "name" "Internet"}]]}. NOTE: Each tag must has an id property to uniquely identify the tag; other properties are optional. In the final Neo4j database after applying these tags, you can find Neo4j nodes with labels of :Tag:Dataset and :Tag:Source that point to the :Apk node representing the APK sample. Use woa --prep-tags to ease the tag preparation task: See the Quick Test example above.

  • To start the program with JVM JMX on port 2014 (so that you can point VisualVM to this port for dynamically monitoring the JVM hosting woa.jar and Clojure nREPL port 12321 (so you can dynamically interact with application in Clojure REPL), the --interactive argument instructs woa to enter "interactive" mode, i.e., do not quit at then end, to allow nREPL to be connected. You can tune the JVM with the JVM_OPTS environment variable.

JVM_OPTS='-Xmx4g -Xms4g -XX:NewSize=3g' \
         woa-with-jmx 2014 --nrepl-port 12321 --interactive

If the first parameter of is not a valid TCP port number, woa-with-jmx will fall back to woa.

  • (Or) With java and woa.jar (make sure the android.jar is at the same directory as woa.jar, or prepare to specify its path with )
java -jar woa.jar \
         -Xmx4g -Xms4g -XX:NewSize=3g \
         woa.core <argument> 

Take input APK file names line-by-line as a Unix filter (e.g., use find dir -name '*.apk' -type f to find APKs to feed into woa).

Again, use -h for valid arguments.

More to come on project Wiki




# prepare dependency
make prepare

# use "make development" or simply "make" when developing
make development

# after "git commit", use "make release" to update revision string in release
make release

See Makefile for detail.


Copyright © Wei "pw" Peng (

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.