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Progressive Web Apps API of APIs (Sponsor us)

Build Scalable Progressive Web Apps. Start via site.

Build package CI

Breaking change for v4.0.0 moving forward

All responses returned have a new ok value, a boolean type which replaces success value, a boolean as shown below;

// Async API...
const res = await pwa.CopyText(text);

// Lower versions...
if (res.success) {
  // Do something...

// New version starting v4.0.0
if (res.ok) {
  // Do something...

Introducing pwafire cdn and npm

Progressive Web Apps API of APIs. All New Web Capabilities as one Package.

Install pwafire via NPM

 npm i pwafire --save

Get pwafire over CDN as an E6 Module

Note that you can still use a specific version over the pwafire cdn

Latest version

import { pwa } from "";

Specific version

import { pwa } from "";

Example : using pwafire

Import pwafire in your react app

import { pwa } from "pwafire";

Call the share method on pwa


Preview Documentation : Get Started

API Feature Detection

  • Goal is to allow room for custom handlers if need be
  • This approach is going to be experimental and will be updated
  • This addition is going to be built for available stable apis

Example and use case

  • Web Share is both on Edge desktop and mobile, but not with chrome. I'd like to show a copy link button for chrome
  • Install latest pwafire version, already up for testing in v4 alpha-3*
 npm i --save pwafire@latest
  • Try it out
// Get the check instance from pwafire...
import { check } from "pwafire";
// The response is a boolean, true or false...
const supported = await check.Share();
// You can get a list of all apis and their support status as well...
const all = await check.All();

PWA : New Web Capabilities

Feature Stabilty
Custom Install Button ok
Background Sync ok
Badging ok
Contact Picker ok
Share Target ok
Screen Wake Lock ok
Content Indexing ok
Web payments ok
Copy Images ok
Push Notifications ok
Web Share ok
View All, 10 + Here 14

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