A Python implementation of Notch's DCPU-16
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A Python implementation of Notch's DCPU-16.

See http://0x10c.com/doc/dcpu-16.txt for specification.

Notch apparently started doing a 6502 emulator first. Given I did one in Python https://github.com/jtauber/applepy it only seems fitting I now do a DCPU-16 implementation in Python too :-)


Runs the example program successfully. Cycle times are not yet taken into account but it otherwise should be feature-complete.

A dissassembler and (two) assemblers are also included.

  • ./asm.py example.asm example.obj will assemble Notch's example to object code
  • ./dcpu16.py example.obj will execute it (currently hard-coded to debug mode)
  • ./disasm.py example.obj will disassemble the given object code

There is also an experimental pyparsing-based assembler ./asm_pyparsing.py contributed by Peter Waller with support for case-insensitive instructions and identifers as well as dat. You'll need to pip install pyparsing to run it.

Note that the disassembler doesn't quite output in a format that can be round-tripped back into the assembler as it annotates each line with a memory offset.

I plan to work on a Forth implementation soon.

I'm also keen to find out how Notch plans I/O to work.


Now see https://github.com/jtauber/DCPU-16-Examples (although my assembler and emulator don't necessarily support everything there yet)