A minimal upload button plugin. Upload a file by clicking a button and monitor the progress
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Minimal Upload Button

This is a file input overlay that you can apply to a button. It can be used to upload a single file using the XMLHttpRequest object. Upload progress can be checked by using the hooks listed in the options below.

How to Use

Making an element upload a file is very simple. By specifying only a url, the file will begin uploading as soon as it is chosen.

	url: "/where/to/upload"


In callback functions, where appropriate, you can use the built-in functions for checking progress. These are at your disposal:

  • getPercentage Returns the upload completion percentage as a whole number
  • getThroughput Returns the throughput per interval in bytes
  • getSpeed Returns the total upload speed in bytes per second

On to the options:

  • url Where to send the file.

  • name The name of the file. This has the same function as the name attribute in the file input control. Default is "file".

  • updateInterval The interval in milliseconds the onUpdate function will be called. Default is 500.

  • onUpdate A function that will be called periodically when upload is in progress. Use this to update your UI.

  • onSelect Called when a file is chosen. When you include this callback in your options, you must explicitly call sendFile(). See example below.

  • parseResponse If this is true, the response text is assumed to be a JSON string and will be parsed. The resulting object will be passed as an argument to the onComplete callback. Default is true.

  • onComplete This will be called when the upload is complete.

  • onError Called if there's an upload error.

  • onCancel Called if the upload was cancelled.


	url: "/where/to/upload",
	name: "myfile",
	updateInterval: 1000,
	onSelect: function() {
		// File has been selected, let's see what it is:
		if (fileIsValid(this.file)) {
			// Begin the upload
	onUpdate: function() {
		// Let's update the user interface!
		$("#bootstrap-progress-bar").css("width", this.getPercentage() + "%");
		// Need raw progress info for your own calculations?
	onComplete: function(dataFromServer) {
		//	By default the response from the server is parsed, and we get it here
	onError: function(xhr) {
		alert("Some upload error happened");
	onCancel: function() {
		alert("You the man!");


The upload plugin API can be used by calling it with a method name. For example to cancel an upload:


To check if an upload is in progress:

	var uploading = $("#upload-button").Upload("inProgress");

You can also call the upload progress functions in a similar manner:

	var speed = $("#upload-button").Upload("getSpeed");
	var percent = $("#upload-button").Upload("getPercentage");



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