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Takes the output from Wikipedia UK Railway Station scraper extracts the station name, code and latitude/longitude and creates a series of SQL INSERT statements for populating a database.
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Script for extracting the station name, code, latitude and longitude of all
UK railway stations from the English version of Wikipedia, where this data
exists (at the time of writing, 487 stations are missing this metadata).
This data is dumped to STDOUT in CSV format, which can then be converted
into SQL, a HTML table etc. through piping to another script.

This script assumes you have already run the scraper from Day 16 of March
Madness, which downloads all the relevant HTML files. In theory these two
scripts could be combined, as they share the same loop code.

All of the packages required by this script should be installed by default
if you have a standard copy of Perl 5 with libwww-perl. The only exception
is HTML::SimpleLinkExtor which will need to be installed manually via CPAN.

You may need to modify the path to Perl if you are running this script under
Windows or FreeBSD.

For details of any of the module function calls, see
for full documentation.

Licensed under the MIT Licence - see the LICENCE file for full details.

Any questions, email
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