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Apr 4, 2012


Version 1.1.0
 * Add custom escaper support
 * Fix E_STRICT error in i18n test
 * Update test submodule to use git://
Mar 1, 2012


 * Fix a bug with the "unknown pragma" exception.
 * Add a 'thrown_exceptions' constructor option: allows overriding strictness (thrown exceptions) without subclassing.
 * Fix dot notation to work with numeric indices.
 * Clean up README and code a bit.
Jan 9, 2012


 * Update Mustache to allow partials loaders.
 * Add a simple filesystem partials loader implementation.
 * Add a "create example" script (thanks @mogria!).
 * Add an i18n / lambda helper example.
Oct 14, 2011


Fix broken 'pragmas' constructor argument.
Sep 10, 2011


Add support for higher-order sections
Closures and callbacks can be used to provide additional functionality not
present in Mustache core.
Jun 13, 2011


Fix delimiter change bugs in sections and partials.
Jun 13, 2011


Update Mustache spec to 1.1.2, fix a handful of bugs:
 * Fix whitespace bugs in partials, interpolation and comments
 * Fix a potentially serious Mustache injection bug
 * Prevent double-rendering sections
Jun 13, 2011


Update to Mustache spec v1.1.0
 * Add $options parameter to constructor, allowing override of character set, delimiters and pragmas.
 * Fix incorrect partials interpolation.
 * Add dot notation and implicit iterator (spec v1.1.0)

There are still a few outstanding whitespace bugs, but the output is much closer to spec than previous releases. We're getting there :)
Mar 1, 2011


Check whether context item is an array before using it.
Fixes #24. This will be necessary once implicit iterators make it into production. It will also save people from themselves if they put an iterable array where Mustache expects to find a context.
Dec 14, 2010


Add PCRE < 7 compatibility (Fixes #25)
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