Slidable tab bar for react native with instant view rendering
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Easily pass views into an organized view selector with a scrollable tab bar


Add it to your project

  1. Run 'npm install react-native-slidable-tab-bar --save'
  2. 'var SlidableTabBar = require('react-native-slidable-tab-bar');'

Basic usage

var SlidableTabBar = require('react-native-slidable-tab-bar');

//these are your own views(react classes)
var MyView1 = require('./MyView1');
var MyView2 = require('./MyView2');
var MyView3 = require('./MyView3');
var MyView4 = require('./MyView4');

var Main = React.createClass({
	render: function(){
		return (
				<MyView1 title="PAGE 1" color="red"/>
				<MyView2 title="PAGE 2" color="blue"/>
				<MyView3 title="PAGE 3" color="green"/>
				<MyView4 title="PAGE 4" color="purple"/>

Pass Navigator through to components

	<MyView1 title="PAGE1" color="red" navigator={this.props.navigator}/>