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FFC6 Image Template

Image template for FFC6 promnotional materials

How to

Start using the template

  1. Install FFC6 Photoshop actions by double clicking on Actions/FFC6.atn.
  2. Make a copy of the template and open the copy.

Processing the photo

  1. Open the file and you will see a layer named <-Double click to change your image here.
  2. Double click on the preview box where the arrow is pointing at.
  3. Another file will open.
  4. Drag your photo inside the new file and make sure it's the top layer.
  5. Click on the layer and open the action panel. If you can't find the Action panel, press Option+F9 or Alt+F9.
  6. Run one of the three FFC6 Colorize action. Since different image has different contrast, you may need to run all of the actions to see which one has the best result.
  7. Once done, save the file and close it, you'll see the result appearing in the original file.

Text and logo

There are two difference placement for the textarea and logo, regardless of which one you'll be using, it's important that all the content should be placed inside the guide (Activate the guide with Cmd+;).

Texts must be and are all in Inovato Display Bold. If you need a copy of it, contact Aceler Chua at

In case the textarea is placed at the bottom right corner, instead of place the whole area inside the guide, just place the baseline of the last line of text at the guide.

You are not encouraged to move things around, try to stick with the template as much as possible.