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Functions to explore StratML files

This repository contains a zipped folder, "xml", that holds XML files marked up in StratML vocabulary. This folder also has a stylesheet file, 'stratml.xsl' that is called in one of the example routines. The instructions here are to be able to load up this folder in a native XML database (BaseX) and query with some XQuery routines

  • install BaseX from [the full package]
  • run the bin\basexgui.bat
  • create a new database
    • Database > New...
    • select the xml folder
    • Call the database "StratML-Files"
    • Under the "Full Text" tab tick the "Full Text" checkbox
  • In the code editor open the "StratML-Programmes\basicInformation.xq" file
  • Ensure that the basicInformation.xqm module file is in the same StratML-Programmes folder
  • run the code. Note that you can add/remove the XQuery comments "(: .... :)" to only run specific functions
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