EEG Reader is an Android mobile application, which reads EEG signal from NeuroSky mobile device connected to smartphone via Bluetooth.
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EEG Reader

This project is DEPRECATED and no longer maintained. It has old Android project structure and code style.

If you are interested in development of the Android apps for NeuroSky MindWave Mobile, check out my new project:

NeuroSky Android SDK at and its sample apps in Java and Kotlin.

EEG Reader is a boilerplate project for object-oriented mobile Android applications using NeuroSky Mobile device. This project is a basis for development of the further, more advanced projects (e.g. EEG Analyzer and EEG Controller). This application is able to connect to NeuroSky Mobile device via Bluetooth and read:

  • attention level
  • meditation level
  • blink level
  • raw data
  • brainwaves:
    • delta
    • theta
    • low alpha
    • high alpha
    • low beta
    • high beta
    • low gamma
    • mid gamma