@pwittchen pwittchen released this Jul 24, 2016

Assets 2
  • handled all connection types (including Ethernet) (issue #71)
  • removed ConnectivityStatus enum and replaced it with Connectivity class.
  • replaced Observable<ConnectivityStatus> observeNetworkConnectivity(final Context context) method with Observable<Connectivity> observeNetworkConnectivity(final Context context)
  • introduced a new way of network monitoring with NetworkCallback available from Android N (API 21) (issue #62)
  • added NetworkObservingStrategy, which allows applying different network monitoring strategies
  • added PreLollipopNetworkObservingStrategy with old network monitoring implementation
  • added LollipopNetworkObservingStrategy with new network monitoring implementation
  • added Observable<Connectivity> observeNetworkConnectivity(final Context context, final NetworkObservingStrategy strategy) method to ReactiveNetwork class
  • made method for creating Observables static like in original RxJava library
  • added create() method to ReactiveNetwork class
  • made constructor of ReactiveNetwork class protected
  • added Preconditions class verifying correctness of the input parameters
  • added more unit tests