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Releasing Guidelines

In order to release new version of the library, we need to perform the following operations:

  • create new release issue on GitHub
  • prepare release notes and put them to the issue
  • checkout to the master branch
  • bump library version (VERSION_NAME and VERSION_CODE) in file
  • commit and push the changes
  • run command: ./gradlew uploadArchives
  • go to the website
  • log in to Sonatype
  • go to "Staging Repositories" and sort by last "Updated" date and time
  • close and release artifact
  • copy library/build/docs/javadoc directory
  • checkout to gh-pages branch
  • remove old JavaDoc and paste new, generated JavaDoc there
  • commit and push changes
  • wait for the Maven Sync (up to 48 hours)
  • when sync is done, checkout to the master branch
  • update file with new release version, current date and release notes
  • bump library version in "Download" section in file
  • create new tagged GitHub release with name the same as VERSION_NAME from and release notes