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docker wrapper bash script template

you can use it to simplify bash commands related to docker in your project, make them shorter, more readable and avoid typing redundant information (like container name), you can also use it to store commands which you are using frequently


go to the directory where you want to use docker wrapper and install it

with wget:

sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

or with curl:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

then, script will copy script into your current directory


first, you need create .dockerw.config file in the same directory where you have script and use it to configure your docker image settings

default settings look as follows:


optionally, you can add your own custom variables or customize script or modify whole script as you need because it's just a template

by default you can call ./ script with one of the following options:

--help      shows help
--build     builds container
--run       runs container
--runbg     runs container in background
--cli       runs container with interactive cli (when possible)
--push      pushes container to docker hub
--pull      pulls container from docker hub
--stop      stops running docker container
--remove    removes container
--list      shows available docker containers
--ps        show running containers

you can always type ./ --help to show help