Checks if development branch has all changes from master branch in Git repository
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Python script, which checks if development branch has all changes from master branch in Git repository


When we are working in a Git Flow and critical bug occurs on production, sometimes there is a necessity to create so called hot-fix. We can create separate branch from master branch for this hot-fix and then merge it into master branch or we can commit a change on master branch. Second option is not recommended. After that, we have to remember to merge master branch into a development branch to have our hot-fix in a development version as well and avoid merge conflicts in the future.

This Python script checks, if all changes made on master branch were also merged into development branch to keep those two branches consistent. We can add it as a job into Jenkins CI server and monitor branches consistency. In addition, release jobs can depend on that job and we can avoid merge conflicts or project unstability before release.


$ ./ <path_to_your_git_repository>

Integration with Jenkins

This script can be executed as a command line script in a Jenkins CI job. When, changes from master won't be merged into development, job will fail. In opposite case, job should finish with a success.

In a Jenkins job we need to remember to add the following Additional Behaviours in Source Code Management (Git) section:

  • Clean before checkout
  • Wipe out repository and force clone