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HTTP server with REST API for money transfer between bank accounts
Java Shell
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HTTP server with REST API for money transfer between bank accounts

Description of the task can be found in file.


Building and running the application

Please note: If we're on Windows, use gradlew.bat instead of ./gradlew script

  • To build an application, execute: ./gradlew build
  • To start an application on port 8000, execute: ./gradlew run
  • To build an application as a "fat jar", execute: ./gradlew shadowJar
  • To start an application as a "fat jar" on port 8000, execute: java -jar build/libs/app-1.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar
  • To generate a sample data in the running application, execute: ./gradlew sampleData (if you are Windows user, install curl and run contents from script manually)

API documentation

  • Start Docker Daemon
  • Pull ReDoc image: sudo docker pull redocly/redoc
  • Start application
  • Run ReDoc: ./gradlew redoc (if you're Windows user, run contents from the script manually)
  • Open website with documentation in the web browser: http://localhost:9000
  • Moreover, API is also documented by tests in RestApiIntegrationTest class


  • running unit tests: ./gradlew test
  • running integration tests: ./gradlew test -Dtest.profile=integration
  • creating test coverage report: ./gradlew test jacocoTestReport (report will be in build/reports/jacoco/ dir)

Code style

Code style used in the project is called Square from Java Code Styles repository by Square.

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