semi-automated generating of PKUP report
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semi-automated generating of PKUP report

PKUP stands for Podwyższone Koszty Uzyskania Przychodu in Polish language. Every month every employee of my current company needs to generate PKUP report. It's legal issue, which allows to pay lower income taxes due to creative work. Preparing such report is boring & repeatable work, which can be automated. That's why this project was created. Read more in the article on the blog.


  • unix shell
  • python
  • pip

Satisfying requirements


Assuming you have python, pip and git installed, run the following commands:

git clone
cd pkup

Then, edit ~/.pkup.conf file to personalize your future reports. Remember that pkup script also takes into consideration your user name in .gitconfig file and it should be in format: Name Surname.

If you have problem with installing dependencies via installation script, try to install them manually via pip in the following way:

pip install -r requirements.txt


pip install python-docx

If it doesn't work, try to call pip3 instead of pip.


Parameters of the pkup script are as follows:

-h                             shows help
-m "<message for the report>"  generates a report with a provided message
-g                             generates a report with an empty message

exemplary usage of the script is as follows:

pkup -m "<message with description of your work>"

This command will generate *.diff files with changes made by user in defined repositories and appropriate report in *.docx file. Location of the reports and *.diff files is defined in .pkup.conf file and can be adjusted to user's needs.

You can also use script with -g parameter, which will generate report with an empty message and fill in the *.docx document later:

pkup -g

To show help, type:

pkup -h


To update scripts, type:

cd pkup
git pull


To uninstall scripts, type:



To run python tests, type:


Please note: Tests are quite poor right now and require improvements.