This repository contains the basic infrastructure for microservice systems.
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This repository contains the basic infrastructure for microservice systems and is structured in four different components.

Project description

This project deals with the generation of invariant structures for Microservice Systems. The MAGMA tool was developed to generate this. MAGMA, a tool based on the Maven build management system that aims at accelerating the development of Microservice architectures by generating pre-configured, runnable systems.

Repository Components

Microservice Maven-Archtypes

This repository contains all Maven Archtypes, which are used by the MAGMA tool and are made available via Maven Centrel and Sonatype repositories.

Maven Central Repository: maven_pwizenty

Sonatype: sonatype_pwizenty


This component contains the source code, on the basis of the different Maven Archtype.


This component contains the source code of the MAGMA tool. The MAGMA tool is a Java-based software that allows the user to use the Microservice arch types via a graphical user interface.

A tutorial for the MAGMA tool can be found in the following Youtube video:

Youtube-Video: youtube_MAGMA-Tool