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The most advanced jailbreak tool

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unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - 12.2
by @pwn20wnd & @sbingner
UI by @iOS_App_Dev & @HiMyNameIsUbik

The most outstanding changes over the other jailbreaks

  • One app to jailbreak all firmwares
  • Full-fledged Cydia and Substrate support for ARM64 devices
  • Full-fledged Telesphoreo port for ARM64 (Elucubratus)
  • No private data shared for diagnostics purposes
  • SSH-Only (Dropbear) support
  • Options for the user
  • Utilities for the user
  • No inefficient local jailbreak server (jailbreakd daemon)
  • Native Cydia support with support for the iPhone X screen size
  • Ability to rejailbreak from the jailbroken state
  • Stable kernelspace patches to avoid random crashes caused by kernel data aborts
  • Stable userspace patches to avoid random freezes and crashes caused by watchdog timer timeouts
  • Local APT repo system integrated in the jailbreak to verify the integrity of the core packages and repair them if they are corrupted
  • Extended and improved assertion to prevent unexpected results such as bootloops caused by filesystem corruption
  • Better system security, battery life and performance
  • Significantly faster Cydia
  • Modifications to Cydia were approved by the creator of Cydia (Saurik)
  • Fully working debugserver
  • No DRM
  • No installation restrictions
  • Open source

Switching from the other jailbreaks

  • Dedicated migration support will be used to switch without losing data

Getting support

  • Use the built-in diagnostics tool
  • Tweet @pwn20wnd

Best practices

  • Turn on the AirPlane Mode before starting the jailbreak
  • Turn off Siri before starting the jailbreak

Source code

  • This project is completely open source and it will be kept like it in the future
  • Any kind of contribution is welcome
  • The source code can be found on pwn20wndstuff's GitHub account

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