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PwnFX is an attempt to restore Rails 2's ease of sprinkling ajax, using the
UJS (Unobtrusive JavaScript) approach in Rails 3.
The PwnFX JS has been tested and works against the following browsers:
* Chromium / Google Chrome 11.0+
* Firefox 4.0+
* (TODO) Mobile Safari in iOS 3+
* (TODO) Internet Explorer 9+
Patches for extending compatibility are always welcome.
The PwnFX functionality is divided into orthogonal pieces, called effects, which
are activated by HTML5 data- attributes. The attributes for invoking an effect,
such as "move" are prefixed with data-pwnfx-effectname (e.g., data-pwnfx-move).
When using DOM inspectors such as firebug, it might be useful to know that after
parsing, the main attribute for an effect (such as data-pwnfx-move) receives
a -done suffix (e.g., data-pwnfx-move-done), so that the effect is not invoked
again when the DOM is re-parsed.
PwnFX requires RubyGems, Jasmine, and Juicer with the YUI Compressor and
JSLint extensions. Once dependencies are installed, the following command will
build and test both the development and production versions of the library.
The dependencies can be downloaded from the following locations:
* RubyGems --
* Jasmine -- gem install jasmine
* Juicer -- gem install juicer
* Juicer extensions -- juicer install jslint; juicer install yui_compressor
Testing is fully automated using Jasmine. All patches should add tests for the
changed functionality in the spec/ directory.
For maximum iterating speed, keep a Jasmine testing server running.
1. Start the server by running
rake jasmine
2. Make some changes to the source code, then rebuild
rake build
3. Load or refresh http://localhost:8888 in your browser.