Configures the RadeonHD open-source driver's power management.
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Power-saving settings for AMD Radeon HD graphics cards

This is a command-line tool for changing the power saving settings of the open-source radeon driver for AMD Radeon HD graphics cards.


If your video card fans are making too much noise, this command will quiet them down.

radeonhd-power low

If you want to play video games or do another graphics-intensive task, this command will give you all juice your card has.

radeonhd-power high

The tool includes a systemd unit file that you can use to set your graphics card's power settings at boot time.

systemctl enable radeonhd-power.service
systemctl start radeonhd-power.service


This review request will make the tool available as a Fedora package, so the command below will install it.

yum install radeonhd-power


The tool is Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Victor Costan, and distributed under the MIT license.