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KSP is a Kindle Store proxy that enhances the results returned by KS with books from a Calibre database. It integrates (as seamlessly as it can) the list of books present in your Calibre library with the list of books the Amazon returns, allowing you to download books, from the Calibre library to your device, as if they were on your Amazon account.

Additionally, it can do some automatic collections generation based on book series and tags, as configured in Calibre.

To work, KSP requires some changes to the Kindle's internal configuration, and a bit of work on managing the books in your Calibre library.

NOTE: To use KSP, the Kindle device(s) must be registered to your Amazon account. KSP does not replace Amazon's services, it only piggybacks on them, so if you do not have the device registered with your Amazon account, KSP cannot help you.

NOTE: KSP has only been tested with the software it comes with (the standard Java GUI). I know there are possible replacements for it (kite, coolreader3, other?), but it will most likely not work with them -- KSP relies on the standard API calls the Kindle does to Amazon's services.

Security considerations

Modifying your internal Kindle configuration, and using it with KSP has certain security implications -- besides the obvious loss of guarantee, violation of Amazon's Terms of Service, etc.

These security issues are vis-a-vis the communication between your device and KSP, between KSP and Amazon's services, and the safety of your Amazon account.

Please read docs/ before considering using KSP.

It works on my machine

... with my Kindle. Can't guarantee it will work on yours, with your Kindle. The configuration process may be a bit long, configuring the Kindle(s) is longer and more error-prone. Caveat emptor, some assembly required, etc.


Deployment is rather simple; configuration needs a bit of care, though you only have to do it once.

You should deploy, configure and start the KSP daemon first. You can add new devices at any point after that.

See docs/ for software requirements and deployment steps.

Using devices with KSP

To use a Kindle device with KSP, you have to change some of its internal configuration. There are a couple of scripts to do that, or you can do it by hand. It's all explained in docs/

While enabling SSH access on the Kindle is not strictly necessary, it may help you troubleshoot if something goes wrong. You can use the provided script (see docs/, or use the standard USB networking hack. Your choice.

WARNING: KSP has only been tested with a Kindle 4 Non-Touch. It may work on other devices, but the configuration can be tricky, you have to know what you are doing, and be careful. If you do make it work with other devices, please let me know :).

Calibre library management

To have KSP use your Calibre books, you may have to work a bit on them. Specifically, the books need to have the proper ASIN (book id) records, matching their Calibre uuid. It will certainly not work by just dropping MOBI files into Calibre!

See docs/ for details.

But why... ?

I'm a lazy bum, who does not like going to my PC and reaching for the USB cable everytime I want to put some more books on the Kindle. Seriously.


KSP and its additional tools have been made possible by the generous amounts of information available on the net about how Kindles work.

In particular, the stuff on MobileRead wiki and various hacks found by intreprid MobileRead forums members, especially yifanlu and IxTab.


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