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Configuring the devices to use KSP


KSP has only been tested on a Kindle 4 (aka Non-Touch), software version 4.0.1. Sorry, it's the only device I have to test it with. The scripts have been tested only on a Kindle 4; on other devices they will, in a best-case scenario, not work.

KSP may work with Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard). The configuration steps detailed here are most likely wrong, so do not follow them. They also may be close enough, so if you know what you're doing the sections below might give you an idea of what you need to do.

KSP may also be made to work with Kindle Touch, but do not follow the instructions here -- they will almost guarantee briking it. You'll have to do the configuration by hand, if configuring a Touch is possible at all.

If you have an usupported device, continue reading for details on what configuration changes are necessary. Maybe you'll figure out what you need to do on your device. And if you do, please let me know :).

Before changing your device configuration, you need to have KSP deployed and running. Please read docs/ for instructions.

Kindle devices

KSP is being developed and has been extensively tested to work with the Kindle 4. See docs/ for details on configuring a Kindle 4 to talk to KSP.

Other clients

KSP also supports the Kindle for PC desktop client, and the Kindle for Android app. For details, read docs/ and docs/ respectively.

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