Linux devices manager for the Logitech Unifying Receiver.
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Solaar is a Linux device manager for Logitech's Unifying Receiver peripherals. It is able to pair/unpair devices to the receiver, and for most devices read battery status.

It comes in two flavors, command-line and GUI. Both are able to list the devices paired to a Unifying Receiver, show detailed info for each device, and also pair/unpair supported devices with the receiver.

Supported Devices

Solaar will detect all devices paired with your Unifying Receiver, and at the very least display some basic information about them.

For some devices, extra settings (usually not available through the standard Linux system configuration) are supported. For a full list of supported devices and their features, see docs/

Pre-built packages

Pre-built packages are available for a few Linux distros.

The solaar package uses a standard system tray implementation; to ensure integration with gnome-shell or Unity, install solaar-gnome3.

Manual installation

See docs/ for the step-by-step procedure for manual installation.

Known Issues

  • KDE/Kubuntu: if some icons appear broken in the application, make sure you've properly configured the Gtk theme and icon theme in KDE's control panel.

  • Some devices using the Nano Receiver (which is very similar to the Unifying Receiver) are supported, but not all. For details, see docs/

  • Running the command-line application (bin/solaar-cli) while the GUI application is also running may occasionally cause either of them to become confused about the state of the devices. I haven't encountered this often enough to be able to be able to diagnose it properly yet.


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, v2.


This project began as a third-hand clone of Noah K. Tilton's logitech-solar-k750 project on GitHub (no longer available). It was developed further thanks to the diggings in Logitech's HID++ protocol done by many other people:

Also thanks to Douglas Wagner, Julien Gascard and Peter Wu for helping with application testing and supporting new devices.