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Your personal file metadata storage database.
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AGPL License

fInspect is a file metadata database system written in Go. It is currently work-in-progress alpha and is not recommended for use yet.

Project Goals

The fInspect project has the following project goals:

  1. Define a file metadata format that can be used with indexing services, metadata management systems, file manager applications and organization etc...

  2. To build a complete distributed desktop and mobile application that demostrates the various uses of having such a universal file metadata format.

The file metadata format will not be considered stable until fInspect 1.0 is released.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Contribute and Feedback

Please submit issues and send your feedback and suggestions as often as you have them. Also feel free to fork the project, create a feature branch, and send me a pull request for us to review.

There is an IRC channel, #fInspect on Freenode, for talking directly to users (when awake and present, etc.).

However we also have a Slack channel for talking directly to developers, testers etc. by invitation only (please contact in IRC if you want to join the Slack channel).

All code is licensed under the AGPL, v3 or later.

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