.NET API for BlinkStick
C# Batchfile



BlinkStick is a USB-controlled smart pixel. It is available either as a kit or ready-soldered.

This is a .NET API for working with a BlinkStick. Other API's are available in a variety of programming languages.

There are three main sections:

  • BlinkStickDotNet -- an assembly (DLL) for communicating with your BlinkStick
  • BlinkStickDotNetTest -- unit tests for the assembly
  • BlinkStick -- a console application for controlling your BlinkStick

(If you just want the executable, you can get it from the Downloads section.)

Some features of the BlinkStickDotNet API are as follows:

  • Asynchronous blinking (a timer is created automatically to turn the LED off again at the end of the blink)
  • Brightness limit
  • Morse code
  • CPU monitor
  • Memory monitor
  • Mouse-over colour changer

MIT: http://pxc.mit-license.org/2014/