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Visual Cobra Express
Setup instructions
Visual Cobra Express is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the
Cobra programming language. It is based on Microsoft Visual Studio's isloated
shell and runs on Microsoft Windows.
1. Install the Cobra programming language from
2. Ensure that the Cobra executable has been added to your path (i.e. so you
can type cobra in a command window and it will run).
3. Download and install the Visual Studio 2010 Isolated Shell Redistributable
from Microsoft (warning -- this is BIG).
(or get it as part of the "full monty" zip from
4. Create a folder for your Visual Cobra Express installation and extract all
the files from VisualCobra\Release into it (or use the pre-built files from
Visual Cobra
5. Double-click Visual Cobra Express.exe to run it. There is no installation step.
You should get a splash screen and then an integrated development
6. Drag in the sample .cobra file (example.cobra).
If the installation was successful, this should be displayed with coloured
syntax highlighting.
7. Select "Cobra | Run using Cobra" from the menu.
The results should be as follows:
8. You can now use Visual Cobra Express to develop your own projects.
This is the first release of this software. There are several planned
* Many of the menu items are non-functional defaults from the Visual Studio
shell. These should be removed in a later release of Visual Cobra Express.
* We need to add template projects and files, with boilerplate code to get you
up and running more quickly.
* It would be useful to have an installer instead of these manual steps.
* At present, managing multi-file projects is very manual (e.g. you have to
manually set the command to run from the Cobra menu).
This should be made easier.