S3 automatic lossless image compression
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S3 Automatic Image Compression

This project provides automatic lossless compression of jpegs when they are added to an s3 bucket. Read this article for a full explanation of how to set-up AWS to get this working.


The has been been tested on Python 3.4.3 on OS X. It should run on Linux but the mozjpeg installation instructions will differ. OS X ships with Python 2 but you can install multiple versions https://www.python.org/downloads/.

  1. Install mozjpeg. For OS X this can be done with:

    brew install mozjpeg
  2. Set environment variables for AWS.

    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<your-aws-access-key>
    export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY-<your-aws-secret-key>
  3. Optional: Create Virtual Enviroment for Python 3 (you may need to change the python location depending on your set-up).

    mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/local/bin/python3 s3-image-resize
  4. Install requirements

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run code

    python connect_to_queue.py

    When updates are made to s3 they'll automatically be compressed an uploaded again.