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namespace pxgamer\LaravelArionum;
use stdClass;
use pxgamer\Arionum\Arionum;
use pxgamer\Arionum\Models\Account;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Facade;
use pxgamer\Arionum\Models\Transaction;
* @method static bool checkAddress(string $address, ?string $publicKey = null)
* @method static bool checkSignature(string $signature, string $data, string $publicKey)
* @method static Account generateAccount()
* @method static Account generateLocalAccount()
* @method static string getAddress(string $publicKey)
* @method static string getAlias(string $address)
* @method static array getAsset(string $assetId)
* @method static array getAssetBalance(string $address)
* @method static array getAssetOrders(string $address, ?string $assetId)
* @method static array getAssets()
* @method static string getBalance(string $address)
* @method static string getBalanceByAlias(string $alias)
* @method static string getBalanceByPublicKey(string $publicKey)
* @method static string getBase58(string $data)
* @method static stdClass getBlock(int $height)
* @method static array getBlockTransactions(string $blockId)
* @method static stdClass getCurrentBlock()
* @method static array getMasternodes()
* @method static int getMempoolSize()
* @method static string getNodeAddress()
* @method static stdClass getNodeInfo()
* @method static string getNodeVersion()
* @method static string getPendingBalance(string $address)
* @method static string getPublicKey(string $address)
* @method static int getRandomNumber(int $height, int $minimum, int $maximum, ?string $seed = null)
* @method static stdClass getSanityDetails()
* @method static stdClass getTransaction(string $transactionId)
* @method static array getTransactions(string $address, int $limit = 100)
* @method static array getTransactionsByPublicKey(string $publicKey, int $limit = 100)
* @method static string sendTransaction(Transaction $transaction)
* @see Arionum
final class ArionumFacade extends Facade
protected static function getFacadeAccessor(): string
return 'arionum';
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