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Welcome to WARden Terminal

Powered by NgU

A light weight text based Bitcoin Dashboard for Linux based systems. Displaying:

  • Bitcoin Price in several currencies (currency list can be edited at config.ini)
  • GBTC price and premium info
  • Mempool information (fees, blocks, txs)
  • Users currently logged in
  • Tor Status
  • Satoshi Quote Randomizer
  • System info (CPU temperature, storage, etc)
  • Wallet info [coming soon]




Clone the git repository into any directory:

git clone

Setup Virtual Environment and Install Requirements:

cd warden_terminal
virtualenv ENV
source ENV/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the app:


Optional if your node has a monitor attached and you want to force display to that monitor.

If you are running a RaspiBlitz, MyNode or Umbrel, and installing through SSH follow this steps.

Find out which is the primary display:

who -a

Should output something like:

admin@raspberrypi:~/warden_terminal $ who -a

           system boot  1970-01-01 01:00
pi       + tty1         2021-07-27 22:19 00:21        1097
           run-level 3  2021-07-27 22:19
admin    + pts/0        2021-07-28 14:55   .          7503 (

Take note of the system boot output. In the case above tty1.

Then run the below, replacing tty1 if needed:

sudo chmod 666 /dev/tty1

Edit the config.ini file and change the tty = /dev/tty line to tty = /dev/tty1 in this case:

nano config.ini

Save and close the file and run the program:

python3 &

Enjoyed the app?

Consider making a donation. (Lightning): onchain: bc1q4fmyksw40vktte9n6822e0aua04uhmlez34vw5gv72zlcmrkz46qlu7aem


Getting a message that Tor is not running

You need Tor Running for the app to work. Instructions here.

How to customize settings?

The config.ini file can be edited with:

nano config.ini

Including price of BTC in other dirty fiat terms

Edit the list below in config.ini to remove and/or include other currencies. fx_list = ['USD','EUR', 'GBP', 'CAD']

Changing the font for large price widget

You can change the large text font field large_text_font = standard used to display bitcoin's price. A list of available fonts can be found here.

Changing the Screen Size may help to display more data

When running on console (no GUI), decreasing the font size may lead to better viewing results. 6x12 runs really well on a 8 inch or bigger screen. Instructions here for Debian.


Please note that this is ALPHA software. There is no guarantee that the information and analytics are correct. Also expect no customer support. Issues are encouraged to be raised through GitHub but they will be answered on a best efforts basis.


WARden with an enhanced Text User Interface for Unix based systems






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