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Minecraft: Pi Edition is awesome.

However it uses Python 2. We're moving it to Python 3 (without any official approval) and offering it for download here.

We hope this makes people's lives easier.

Project Priorities

  1. Make it work on Python 3
  2. Keep compatibility with the original release
  3. Make the API cleaner and more Pythonic
  4. Make the internals cleaner and more Pythonic


At PyConUK 2014 a bunch of people sprinted on porting the Minecraft Python client to Python 3. Great work was done, excellent progress was made, but in the process, a lot of backwards-compatibility was broken.

This is a do-over, with the above priorities - starting with tests based on existing tutorials and behaviour to ensure we don't break compatibility.

The previous iteration lives at https://github.com/py3minepi/py3minepi-legacy

This wouldn't have been possible without contributions from the following:

  • Aron Nieminen (Original author at Mojang)
  • George Hickman (@ghickman)
  • Jørn Lomax (@jvlomax)
  • Kristian Glass (@doismellburning)
  • Jonathan Fine (@jonathanfine)
  • Ben Nuttall (@bennuttall)
  • Miles Gould (@pozorvlak)
  • Danilo Bargen (@dbrgn)
  • HashBang (@hashbangstudio)